Sonata – 65-channel polysomnography

Sonata is a modern, attractive polysomnography system based on AASM criteria, representing the state of the art with its maximum flexibility and extensive performance range.
With 65 channels, an attractive design, integrated WiFi functionality and flexible sensor system, applications and use, it is the ideal partner for polysomnographic examinations of the future.





– 65 channels
– Modern, attractive design
– Flexibility in application, sensors and use
– Integrated WiFi
– Possible to switch between WiFi and cable during a recording without interruption
– Integrated differential pressure measurement
– Standardized sensor connections
– Display of battery status on front panel
– Scanning rate up to 1kHz and 24-bit resolution
– 4x ExG single ended or 2x ExG differentiated (configurable)
– Optional use of two (2) actographs
-Respiratory effort detected by pressure pad and/or induction technology
– Configurable report
– Clear labelling of sensor connections to ensure confusion-proof application
– Suitable for recordings made of children
– Removable rechargeable battery
– Integrated light sensor
– Possible use of disposable induction effort belt
– Tablet function, optional
– Continuous impedance measurement
– Systolic blood pressure trend