Leon Anaesthesia Workstation

A present-day anaesthesia work station ought no longer provide maximum technical performance but also new and expandable platform concepts.

These can be configured according to personal demands. By the development of Leon, Löwenstein Medical is setting new standards.

This ‘personal anaesthesia work station’ combines proven ergonomic design and hygienic concepts with top technology thus providing optimum support for your work, e.g. during the initiation and course of operations, for diagnostic purpose and other relevant hospital systems.

Leon specifications:

  • Rebreathing ventilation performance up to the standard of an intensive ventilator
  • Classical gas mixture via flow tubes
  • Pneumatic ventilator drive
  • Patient system designed for efficient preparation and most easy assembly
  • Absorber change during operation
  • Ventilation technology to care for patients of any age.
  • Ventilations Modes: IMV, SIMV, PCV, Man. Spont. (optional SPCV, PSV, HLM)

Anaesthesia assistance, equipped for example with ventilation performance in back breathing system on the level of an intensive respirator and precise electronic gas mixing in a wide flow range of 200 ml/min to 18 L/min. 15″ colour TFT monitor and gas sensor in various versions.

Leon Plus advanced specifications:

  • 15’’ coloured TFT touchscreen
  • Precise electronic gas mixture in a wide flow range of 200ml/min up to 18 l/min, thus usable from the semi-open to quasi-closed range
  • Various gas sensor options can be selected and integrated on the screen, with and without gas identifications
  • Optional view of 4 real-time graphs simultaneously
  • Monitoring of supply pressures with on-screen display
  • Complete data management with trend display
  • Pressure-supported spontaneous ventilation PSV (ASSIST)
  • Additional safeguard for protection from hypoxic gas mixture settings
  • Additional monitoring features optionally available
  • Ventilation Modes: IMV, SIMV, PCV, Man. Spont. SPCV, PSV, HLM
  • Optional : Software upgrade Neonates IMV/SIMV- Mode ; PCV/VTG Volume Guarantee Mode

Leon Plus is developed modularly as a genuine platform concept.

This modern anaesthesia assistant can be integrated completely in your specific work environment and trimmed exactly to your personal operations.

Leon Plus NEO
Its individual configurability guarantees maximum comfort and the optimum support during its introduction, in the operating room, during therapy and in every hospital system.

Of course, the ‘anaesthesia support’ Leon is also available as a unit for wall and ceiling suspension. The unit is identical with the mobile cart version. With this option, Löwenstein Medical offers a further range of application in anaesthesia care thus making your work routines even more flexible. Compose your own, individually scheduled work station on the basis of Leon. Today and for the future, you will obtain the highest possible flexibility and safety using this anaesthesia work station.