About Us

RespiCare is the largest wholly Irish owned provider of respiratory support products and services in Ireland & Northern Ireland supported by the largest number of globally recognised respiratory medical device manufacturers of any provider in our markets. Established in 1998 we currently provide equipment and services to over 3,500 patients using Respiratory Therapies at home.

The first ever application of both CPAP Therapy and Non-Invasive Ventilation in Ireland took place in 1989 and 1990 respectively and were overseen by RespiCare’s founder, Mr David Marshall. Mr Marshall was also engaged to oversee the earliest cases of high dependent, continually ventilated patients being moved from the acute hospital setting and being successfully managed in the home environment. It is on these foundations that RespiCare Ltd was built and on which the company’s patient service ethos stands to this day.

Over our time in business our product range has expanded to include OSA Therapy, Ventilation (Invasive and Non Invasive), Diagnostic & Monitoring Equipment, Secretion Clearance, Humidification Therapy and
Critical Care.

“I began my career by visiting patients in their homes and helping them face the challenge of living with complex home respiratory therapies. I established RespiCare on that very ethos. Every therapy we launch, every manufacturer we partner and every patient service touchpoint we encounter is continually measured against that ethos.”

David Marshall
Founder & Managing Director
RespiCare Ltd

RespiCare is recognised by many physicians and prescribers as the company with the highest and most consistent level of customer service and the provider of choice for the most critical patient service applications. There are many current and documented cases where physicians would only agree to treat complex homecare patients with a particular device if it’s provision is supported by RespiCare.

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