The Elisa Ventilator Family

Innovative, Intuitive, Sustainable.

Here at Respicare we have expanded our portfolio to meet the demands of todays ICU clinicians by delivering world class solutions with the Lowenstein Elisa Family of ventilators. In theory, things couldn’t be simpler – air has to go in and out.

Clinical practice, in contrast, consists of a wide range of requirements for modalities, setting parameters, diagnostic options, and therapeutic manoeuvres. As a result, ventilators quickly become overly complex, subject to compromise or require intensive training. The agile system architecture of the Elisa family implements the respective hospital standard to reduce operator errors
and work time.

Whether customised rounds view, resuscitation mode or Fastwean support – the user interface can be perfectly con-figured to suit your needs.

A perfect symbiosis of simplicity and a full therapeutic range of clinical ventilation medicine. As an innovative top class intensive care ventilator, Elisa 800 features a unique tandem sensor that makes the device suitable from 300g to 400Kg.

A variety of ventilation modes, manoeuvres and  weaning tools providing special instruments for every clinical ventilation phase such as PEEPfinder with automatic inflection point detection, transpulmonary pressure monitoring or fastwean.

The innovative user interface combined with the systems extensive configuration options creates a virtually personalised ventilation system.

The Elisa 800VIT combines the versatile options of a premium modern ICU ventilator with Ventilator-integrated tomography.

As the world’s first ventilation system with integrated electrical impedance tomography, Elisa 800VIT enables radiation free bedside imaging and ventilation under visual control. Ventilation effects can be continuously assessed in real time for detecting complications.

The latest textile sensor technology minimises skin injuries and allows use in the prone position.

The functional imaging display is designed for use in everyday clinical situations and is easy to interpret.

As a universal ventilator the Elisa 600 is designed for invasive and non-invasive ventilation for clinical conditions and in all medical disciplines. The smart user interface can be individually adapted to the respective requirements and standards.

The innovative technology, simple operation and comprehensive modular design reduce complexity, avoid operator error and support the user in administration of ventilation therapy while balancing financial investment and future orientated development opportunities.

Elisa 600 offers and innovative ventilation platform for present and future applications, with hygiene and service a focus and versatility of options leaves nothing to be desired.

The compact class device Elisa 500 features top shelf performance characteristics while offering full therapeutic range of clinical ventilation options in turbine driven devices.

With peak flows of up to 300 LPM the high performance, noise optimised turbine guarantees sufficient flow capacity for mask ventilation.

The innovative user interface along with extensive user configuration options and a stunning 15.1 inch display create the basis for versatile application options from weaning to maximum level intensive care.

A modern universal ventilator features the unique tandem sensors, transpulmonary pressure measurement, cuffscout, high flow oxygen therapy. A variety of hardware and software options are available as a modular system.

Elisa 300 combines class advantages with the performance characteristics of a modern universal ventilator for invasive and non-invasive ventilation therapy. With peak flow of up to 300LPM the high performance, noise optimised turbine guarantee’s sufficient flow capacities for mask ventilation.

The innovative user interface and comprehensive device configuration options are the basis for versatile application options in ICU, intermediate care and Emergency departments during intra hospital transportation. Numerous functions provide support with routine tasks and extensive software and hardware options open up versatile application options in daily clinical practice.