LM Flow High Flow Therapy

The LM Flow stands out from the rest with its simple operation, integrated oxygen monitoring which uses no consumables, and adjustable alarms.
The ventilators provide a constant flow of air which is conditioned by the integrated humidifier. The treated gas can be delivered via a nasal highflow cannula directly into the tracheostomy with the help of a tracheostomy adapter.
After the patient is released from the hospital, therapy can be continued with LM Flow, which was specially developed for long-term ventilator use at home. This device provides a constant flow rate of 2 to 80 liters/minute.
Your Benefits with the LM Flow:
•FiO2 display, realtime
•Large flow range up to 80 l / min
•Condensate minimization through heated tube
Your Benefits in High-Flow Therapy:
•Flushing of nasopharyngeal dead space
•Reduction in respiratory effort
•Humidification and warming of airways, which improves mucociliary clearance
•Improvement in oxygenation