The MiniScreen Plus is a 10 Channel sleep diagnostics-system which has an excellent signal quality and is very easy to use. The current costs are very cheap because only 4 sensors are needed for application.

MinScreen Plus Channels : SPO2, Pulse frequency, 2 effort belts, Flow, Snoring, Body position, Light sensor, Plethysmographie, CPAP/BiPAP pressure (incl. Software for Application and Analyses)

MiniScreen premium is the new cardiorespiratory polygraphy from Löwenstein Medical. The device‘s strength lies in the measurement of the airflow during PAP treatment. Especially for ventilation modes like BiLevel and ASV which require quickly changing and high pressures, the integrated differential pressure measurement provides an excellent airflow signal. That makes MiniScreen premium perfectly suited for use in Non-Invasive Ventilation monitoring. Still another strength of the device is seen in the analysis of autonomous arousals, which permits reliable analysis of RERA (Respiratory Effort-Related Arousals) in polygraphy.

The MiniScreen Pro is a modern PSG System with up to 48 Channels. It is a modular System which makes it possible to customize every device individually.

The basic device with 10 Channels can get following options: Thermistor, 2 Leg Movements, 6 x ECG, PTT, Systolic blood pressure, NeuroPort, 6 x EEG, 2 x EOG, 1 x EMG, 8 x external Channels, Audio, Video, network integration (incl. Software for Application and Analyses), intelligent sleep diagnostics-analyses, easy configurations, automatic reports