Aerosol Therapy

Discover our range of Nebuliser Therapy options for Hospital & Homecare

Miko Neb_Image

CA-MI MIKO – Compact Mains Operated Nebuliser

The Miko is a mains powered Compressor nebuliser with aerosol therapy atomiser. Miko is  designed for use in homecare and clinical setting for all patient groups; Adult and Paediatric. All controls are clearly labelled. Miko is a piston driven compressor aerosol delivery system. This nebuliser is designed for continuous use. Nebuliser Dimensions: 140 x 120 x 220 mm Nebuliser Weight: 1,65 kg. Nebuliser Maximum pressure: 2,5 bar Nebuliser MMAD: 2.44 microns. Nebuliser Volume output: 0.4 ml/min. Nebuliser Noise level: 55 dB

Clinineb Pro_Image

CA-MI Clineb Pro – High Output mains Nebuliser

Clineb Pro is mains operated and is designed to be used with the Hi-4 high performance nebuliser valve system, a breath enhanced nebuliser for delivery of all medications. With its 16lpm flow and 3 bar max pressure the Clineb Pro is indicated for intensive and continuous treatments to adult and paediatric patients. Coupled with the Hi-4 Nebulizer Valve System the Clineb Pro will administer even their most viscous drugs. The Hi-4 Nebulizer Valve System operates to save the nebulized drug loss experienced as the patient exhales – typically two thirds. The Hi-4 System ensures the patient receives more of their prescribed therapy.

Mobile Neb_Image

CA-MI Mobile  – Main Powered Nebuliser with Battery Back Up

CA-MI Mobile micro piston compressor system for aerosol drug delivery works on mains power, rechargeable standard batteries and 12V car plug
CA-MI MOBILE is a miniaturized micro piston compressor system for aerosol drug delivery featuring integrated “VRS” (Vibration Reduction System) and “RCC” (Rapid Charge Control) with electronic management of rapid battery charge. It’s a multipurpose device for home-care and hospital use, for both adults and children, and easy to carry anywhere. The MOBILE miniaturized micro-piston compressor system for aerosol drug delivery featuring integrated “VRS” (Vibration Reduction System) to minimize impact of vibrations and “RCC” (Rapid Charge Control) to achieve fastest possible charging time. Power supplied by eight AA batteries makes this portable nebuliser system one of the most powerful and versatile battery operated travel nebulisers on the market.

GT Neb_Image

CA-MI GT-NEB – Handheld Vibrating Mesh Nebuliser

GT-NEB Handheld is a vibrating mesh technology device designed to deliver fast, highly efficacy and quiet nebuliser designed to be very easy to use.
Small lightweight handheld device the GT-NEB is fast and efficient and extremely easy to use. GT-NEB is an aerosol delivery system operating by means of vibrating MESH technology, joining the best features of compressor and ultrasonic systems in the same unit. In fact, GT-NEB combines the rapidity and efficacy of a compressor system with the quietness and versatility mains (optional) or battery powered of an ultrasonic system. Extremely easy to use, with GT-NEB all types of medications (except solutions containing hyaluronic acid) can be nebulized efficiently, providing a treatment time of 6 minutes for 2 ml of 0.9% NaCI (saline) and very fine particles (MMAD  1.51μm), high respirable fraction (over 93%) and with a final residual volume of less than 0.1 ml . The smart connector in each mask provides 360° rotation of the mask facilitates use at any angle.

Family Ultrasonic Neb_Image

GIMA FAMILY Ultrasonic Nebuliser

GIMA FAMILY ultrasonic nebuliser is a light portable nebuliser that allows for fast quiet treatments anytime anywhere
The GIMA Family Ultrasonic Nebuliser is indicated for intensive treatments with an average partial size of 5 microns. The position of the mask is adjustable by rotation enabling nebulisation at any angle. Operated by mains and optional rechargeable battery. Fast nebulising time of 0.2 to 0.7 ml/min.  The compact size, low noise level and optional rechargeable batteries make it the GIMA Family the ideal choice for patients using therapy at home. Most treatments completed within 6 minutes with automatic switch off. Three programmable flow level for optimum therapy.

Clineb Basic_Image

CA-MI Client Basic

CA-MI Clineb Basic is a professional piston compressor for Aerosol therapy indicated for intensive treatments and used for delivery of all drugs including antibiotics with use of the Phillips side stream plus nebuliser chamber with filter for exhaust control.
The Clineb Basic is manufactured with high thermal and electric insulation plastic chassis. The oil-free piston compressor has long durability to guarantee quick and accurate drug delivery. Combined with the Philips Side stream Plus and Exhaust Filter, this provides an excellent solution of nebulisation of all categories of drug delivery. This oil free and maintenance free device used with the Phillips side stream nebuliser chamber can be used for antibiotics and bronchodilator drugs (salbutamol, Ventolin and other nebuliser solutions) for asthma, copd, cf and other lung conditions. CAMI Clineb is designed for heavy duty continuous use.