Our Service

At RespiCare we view our service as the most important product we provide to our customers. Every interaction with our customers is time sensitive and specially trained Customer Support Representatives are there to ensure that therapy is available when and where it is needed

Our Customer Support Representatives receive rigorous training that combines technical & patient application modules defined by our equipment manufacturers with local service & compliance standards developed here at RespiCare over more than 20 years in business.

The team is regionally based across Ireland & Northern Ireland to give responsive support to their assigned territory and assist in neighbouring territories during high demand periods.

Our fleet of Customer Support Vehicles is regularly updated to ensure reliability and environmental efficiency. Each vehicle is a listed stock location on our ERP System. This allows us to monitor, replenish and rotate vehicle stock to ensure our team can respond promptly to requests for new installations and service events.

All customer support activities are managed by our field service management application to ensure that work is communicated accurately, securely and in real time.